Rotation by pivot in Unity editor

Ever tried to rotate a GameObject by a pivot point instead of its own origin inside the Unity editor? Rotation by origin is simple, just use the provided rotation handles. But there are no handles for pivot rotation and Transform.RotateAround() is only helpful inside the actual game.

HTTP Methods, they have a purpose

A lot of REST APIs out there are limited to GET and POST HTTP calls for reading and modifying resources. This surely works for small projects, but if you are about to design a long lasting API it can save you a lot of trouble if you use the right method in the right situation.

The REST inclusion dilemma

Designing robust REST endpoints isn’t trivial, you always have to consider maintainability, scalability and performance. Wrong decisions in the latter often lead to problems with the other two. One of them is the inclusion of related resources or short IoRR (yeah, I made that up).

To mutate, or not to mutate, in JavaScript

There are a lot of people out there preaching about immutability as the best solution for everything. Others say immutability is nothing for enterprise systems or just a big part of the functional programming hype. If we google it, we’ll find tons of opinions and articles describing what immutability is. In this article we’ll focus on the right situations to use it in JavaScript.

A kick-start into server push

I bet you heard about server push in the last few months. Every HTTP/2 article mentions it, but do you really know what it’s all about? The intention of this article is to give you a kick-start into the topic.

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